A Photo Book by
Brad Fogelstrom



Liminal Longing will take you on a journey between here and beyond there. We'll explore places where the natural world meets the construct of man, and journey into the realms where obfuscated reality and dreamscapes become blurred.

Release Info

Once ready, Liminal Longing will be available ONLY as a printed 8.5" x 8.5" paperback. Distribution will be Print On Demand (POD), and made available through major booksellsers, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, and others.

Lumos Liminality

Lumos Liminality


  • Introduction
    • Lagom Living
    • Threshold Theory
  • Lagomlands
    • Broad Meadows
    • Edgewoods
    • Graveland
  • Between Realms
    • Transit to Timespace
    • Purgatory Places
    • Bridges Beyond
  • Beyond Borderlines
    • On the Shores of the Sands of Time
    • Zenscapes
  • Dreamcore Dimension
    • Sinister Surrealism
    • Lucid Luminosity
  • Conclusion: Last Lost Longing


Longing for Lucidity

Looking at our own lives and how we live them, we realize the liminal nature of our own existence. We live much of our lives waiting for something, with no real or absolute certainty about the future.

We wait for the right opportunity to present itself to us at the right time. How do we know - beyond a reasonable doubt - that what we long and hope for will actually arrive, and how can we know when it even does?


Clarity never really seems to show up when we need it to the most. We allow ourselves to exist in a perpetual purgatory of promising perfection that never arrives. We're constantly longing for the lucidity of living a meaningful and purposeful life.

How does one transition from the realm of the liminally lost to one of limitless potential?